Northwoods Knives Michigan Jack

Northwoods Knives: Michigan Jack


The Northwoods Michigan Jack is a very slick sleeveboard pattern knife.  It was manufactured by Great Eastern Cutlery to Northwoods Knives exacting standards.

The steel is 1095.

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Fiddleback Forge Production Bushfinger

With a custom knife, attention-to-detail is expected, and Fiddleback Forge does it as well as any ‘maker. But even on its production models, we see small touches that make a difference — like the Fiddleback Forge mark, in relief, on the spine of this Bushfinger.


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Benchmade 908BK-1501 Axis Stryker

We’ve known that this knife was coming for a while now, but we were sworn to secrecy. We couldn’t say much about our collaboration with Benchmade, and we certainly couldn’t show it to you — until now, that is.

The Benchmade 908BK-1501 AXIS Stryker, available exclusively from KnivesShipFree, features carbon-fiber scales, blue-anodized titanium spacers, a reversible deep-carry pocket clip and, of course, Benchmade’s stellar AXIS mechanism. The black-coated drop-point blade, available in either plain or combo-edge, is CPM-M4 “super steel.”

This is one spectacular folder. We couldn’t be more pleased.

20150923 KSF Benchmadekw

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Triple J Knife Works ‘Triple-dashi’

Triple J Knife Works, based in Kentucky, is a new custom ‘maker for us. This handmade “Triple-dashi” is TJK‘s take on the traditional kiridashi — a small, chisel-ground utility knife originally used for woodcarving, leatherwork and similar tasks. Over the centuries it became the quintessential knife of the everyday Japanese, even schoolchildren.


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Lon Humphrey Custom Brute

We noticed that it’s been a little while since we’ve shared one of Lon Humphrey‘s hand-forged knives. To make amends, today’s KnifeWallpaper image showcases an example of his recent work — a Custom Brute, handled in dark curly maple.

This knife isn’t just beautiful — it practically begs to be worked.


(Remember to check out our blog post about our recent visit to Lon Humphrey’s shop, and be sure to visit the Lon Humphrey Custom Knives website.)

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Gold Class: Benchmade 757-151 ‘Vicar’

When Benchmade issues a “Gold Class” knife, you know it’s special, and this Shane Sibert 757-151 “Vicar” doesn’t disappoint. It’s a brilliant bundle of edged esoterica, carefully chosen and masterfully handcrafted.

Only a very few knife lovers can appreciate the Vicar and so, fittingly, only 100 have been made.


(Benchmade Knives are made by Benchmade Knife Company in Oregon City, Oregon.)

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Alan Warren Neck Knife in Dyed Buckeye Burl

On one of our last days in Oregon, Alan Warren stopped by our shop with a bunch of new knives. Among the lot was this stunning neck knife, handled in dyed Buckeye burl with a carbon fiber bolster.

Please pardon the cliché, but photos just can’t do justice to this knife.

Alan-Warren-7333kw Alan-Warren-7333kww

(Learn more about this talented knifemaker at the Alan Warren Custom Knives website.)

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Arno Bernard ‘Kudu’ in Mammoth Molar

Everyone, it seems, is looking for something no one else has — a knife that’s so unusual, so riveting, that it’s guaranteed draw stares of admiration.

Without question, the knives crafted by Arno Bernard fill that bill. Today’s wallpaper image is a closeup of a Kudu fixed-blade, part of Arno Bernard’s Grazer Series. The handle material is mammoth molar.


(For more information about Arno Bernard’s spectacular knives, visit the Arno Bernard Knives website.)

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Benchmade 556 Mini-Griptilian: Every single day

When we invoke the term EDC, most of the time we’re talking about a knife that travels with us as we go through our regular routine, both at work and around the house. Sometimes we forget that every day means every single day — including leisure time.

This well-loved Benchmade Mini-Grip hitched a ride on a camping trip with the family last weekend, tackling downtime tasks with predictable aplomb.

Benchmade Knives are made by Benchmade Knife Company in Oregon City, Oregon.

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Arno Bernard 2015 Featured Knife

As spectacular as Arno Bernard‘s 2015 Featured Knife is — this one is handled in sheep horn — the sheath is just as wonderful.

It carries the knife horizontally on the belt, set up for right-handed crossdraw, and is quite comfortable. And it’s handcrafted from cape buffalo hide — both exotic and gorgeous.


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