Bark River Paring Knife

Yes, we’ve been known to pull out a Benchmade folder to process a juicy steak — but we also love fine knives designed specifically for kitchen duty. As we said in a blog post a while back:

Many of us grew up watching our elders use dime-store kitchen knives. At best, the family knife drawer was full of worn-out, hand-me-down blades. Unfortunately, a lot of people — even those who are picky about their pocketknives or hunting knives — still carry on the tradition of using cheap knives for food prep.

A pro-quality knife can make even the most mundane kitchen tasks a true pleasure. Believe it or not, the right blade can transform a person who never graduated from Hamburger Helper into someone who actually enjoys preparing real meals — seriously, having a great kitchen knife can make all the difference.

This Bark River Paring Knife, in our opinion, would be a great place to start.


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